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You will value the contemporary message and enthusiasm conveyed by Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela, Sikh Destination Wedding Priests at your Destination Sikh Wedding Ceremony. They hold the ceremony dear to their hearts, preserving all the obligatory Sikh Ceremony traditions and customs.

​They have a deep passion for singing spiritual Kirtan and have been sharing their magical voices as Sikh Priest​s for over two decades​. You will appreciate their expertise and passion brought to the ceremony, and their caring, reliable, and accommodating attitude. They have made a life-long commitment to share this phenomenal experience with like-minded individuals.

​As Officiants​ ​in their early 60's, being in the same age bracket as most couples' parents, they give a personal approach to each ceremony, treating the couple as if they were their own children disseminating words of day-to-day practical wisdom and sharing tips for a healthy marriage.

Being a multi-racial couple, they have first-hand​ experience and a clear understanding of how to deal with the dynamics of both traditional and interfaith couples and families. Please check out their Sikh Priest FAQ's, you will find answers to most of the questions or concerns you may have regarding a destination Sikh Wedding.

Listen to their kirtan and download their Simran on iTunes See previous Sikh Destination Wedding videos they conducted, and contact your Sikh Priest and request a quote.

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If you are looking for a message that will give you insight toward having a harmonious relationship in your married life, look no further. You will receive a deep message from the spiritual writings of the Guru Granth Sahib ji expressed in an understandable, personalized, and bilingual manner. Allow Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela to be your trusted Sikh wedding priests for your special Sikh Wedding.

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